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The Best Cannabis Cafes in Phuket Thailand

Phuket, a gem of Thailand, is globally renowned for its pristine beaches, pulsating nightlife, and vibrant street markets. Yet, it’s the evolution of the island’s cannabis culture that’s lately creating waves, both for locals and travelers alike. As Thailand eases its cannabis laws and sheds stigmas, Phuket is emerging as a pivotal player, offering an enriched, immersive cannabis experience that marries traditional Thai culture with modern desires. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a serene seeker, or a gastronomic explorer, Phuket’s burgeoning cannabis scene has a tailor-made spot for you. Dive into this guide, and let’s explore some of the most iconic cannabis hubs Phuket has to offer.

Puff Puff: The Artistry of Cannabis Meets Café Culture

If Phuket’s nightlife has left you buzzing, craving a kickstart to your day, step into Puff Puff. With its prime location at the lively Phuket Walking Street, it’s the perfect spot to jolt your senses alive after those wild Bangla nights.

Your first impression of Puff Puff will likely be visual. The vibrant splash of colors, artistic displays, and a dedicated gallery upstairs will lure you in. But, wait – there’s more! Accompanying the artistic vibes, DJ Baby Yu, the Marketing Brand Manager, spins chart-topping tracks. He, along with a rotation of local DJs, ensures that the beats in this café are always fresh.

The mission of Puff Puff goes beyond offering quality cannabis. Bolt, a key figure behind the brand, wants it to echo Thai culture, art, music, fashion, and fitness. A quick glance at their merchandise, including hats, bags, t-shirts, and accessories, reflects this. And when it comes to cannabis, they take no shortcuts. From pre-rolled joints to edibles and top-shelf flowers, their offerings are top-tier. Plus, with a budtender like Nick, you’re in expert hands, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user.

Phuket High Kata: Your Mountainside Oasis

For those who fancy a serene setting, Phuket High Kata is your go-to place. Located in the tranquil Kata mountains, it promises an elevated experience – literally and metaphorically. Daytime visitors can savor freshly brewed coffee varieties, from lattes and espressos to special brews, alongside panoramic ocean views. And, if you’re a digital nomad, the vista isn’t the only thing that’ll keep you here. Their commitment to Thai cannabis culture, offering products grown on the island itself, ensures an authentic experience. The cherry on top? Free joints during our 4-9 pm happy hour with every coffee purchase.

Phuket High Kata doesn’t just sell cannabis, we live and breathe it. Our commitment to quality is evident in their selection of strains, all cultivated right on the island. Notably, their in-house strains are some of the most exotic, elevated quality products in the market, speaking volumes about their meticulous cultivation methods.

Beyond our in-house cultivation, Phuket High Kata has formed a symbiotic relationship with local farms, especially Jungle Farms. They proudly stock organic Phuket greenhouse cannabis from this renowned local farm. Jungle Farms is synonymous with sustainable farming and organic cultivation practices, ensuring every strain retains its natural essence and flavor.

This collaboration isn’t just about selling cannabis—it’s a testament to Phuket High Kata’s ethos of community involvement and support. By promoting local farms, they’re not only guaranteeing high-quality products for their customers but also uplifting the local economy and farmers.

For those seeking the real essence of Thai cannabis culture, Phuket High Kata isn’t just a dispensary—it’s a journey into the heart of what makes Phuket’s cannabis scene truly special.

Cannabis With Me: A Culinary Cannabis Rendezvous

For foodies looking to blend their love for gastronomy with cannabis, Cannabis With Me offers a perfect blend. They boast an international menu of cannabis-infused dishes and drinks. The cozy indoor setting and ample outdoor seating ensure comfort, irrespective of your mood.

The testimonials paint a vivid picture. Cass, a previous visitor, adored the intimate interiors, outdoor seating, and the innovative drink menu. Another regular, enthused about the food, especially after the THC effect kicked in, recommends the cannabis-infused beef burger. Besides the food, they offer a neat setup for those wanting to roll their own, complete with papers, tips, and tools. While not the place to get a wide variety of edibles, it’s a must-visit for a unique, relaxing break from the tropical heat.

So, whether it’s art, a mountainous hideaway, or a culinary adventure you seek, Phuket’s cannabis cafes promise a holistic, unique experience for every traveler.

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