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Phuket High Kata: Where Stunning Views Meet a High-Quality Menu

Welcome to Phuket High Kata, where the only things more stellar than our menu are our views and vibes. 

More Of What You’re Looking for 

At Phuket High Kata, we believe in combining the best of all worlds – that’s why we offer not only a world-class cannabis dispensary but also a rotating coffee and cocktail menu featuring locally-sourced ingredients.

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff are ready to guide you through our menu and help select the perfect strain, cocktail or coffee to suit your mood and preferences. And with our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality Thai products, you can trust that every purchase from Phuket High Kata supports local industry.

Meet the Phuket High Kata Staff

Get to know Alif Abru, one of Phuket High Kata’s bartender extraordinaires. Born in Thailand and trained overseas, Alif’s cocktails skillfully capture the distinct flavors of southern Thailand. Fusing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients with premium liquors, Alif’s cocktails tantalize the taste buds with their complexity, unfolding across the palate with hints of sweet, bitter and sour. 

Alif personally curated Phuket High kata’s beverage selection, offering daytime and night time menus. According to Alif, suggested cocktails for daylight hours are generalized as being lighter and more refreshing with a sun-paired spirit, while the late hour offerings consist of craft cocktails professionally built from quality and homemade ingredients.

Cocktail Menu

Not A Poloma – A fabulous twist on classic Mexican Paloma. A combination of French aperitif and Mexican Reposado tequila can beautifully balance and make a perfect Aperitivo. Distinctive and wonderfully complex fruity and earthy flavor of Reposado tequila and Corsican grapefruit. Balanced with a local sweet touch of house made pine agave cordial. Perfectly finished with aromatic bitters and the bubbly of Carbonated grapefruit.

Now or Never  – Light and refreshing, this is a perfect summer beverage, fresh and fragrant with a citrus flavor of premium yuzu sake combined with botanical of handcrafted blended gin, Citrus and minty touch of house made lime mint cordial, cucumber bitters which bring a slight grassy undertone perfectly balanced with a carbonated yuzu.

Phuket High Milk Punch – When the sweltering days of summer officially arrive it’s  time to find ways to escape the heat. Luckily, in Phuket Island we have a delicious solution, crunchy and sweet Phuket pineapples. If you’ve never tried them, maybe now is the time. This Phuket High milk punch is the perfect drink for sweltering summer days. Its refreshing and light creamy sweet made with coconut molasses, freshly squeezed limes, almond with local Phuket pineapple and milk clarified.

Fermented Calamansi Negroni – The negroni is a popular gin-based classic originating in the first quarter of the 20th century from Florence, Italy. It is said to have been first made by bartender Forsco Scarcelli for friend Count Camillo Negroni when an Americano wasn’t strong enough to do the trick. This is a jovial variation meant to pair nicely with Kata Beach. This aromatic, bitter sweet crafted is everything you want after a long day, made with light variations of the typical red and dark components. Besides lightening up the cocktail, this brings up the flavor profile and turns down the intensity of the bitter and botanical notes. Charred orange adds fruitiness and fun, while reminding you that you’re on holiday.

Take It or Leave it – The famous 20th century writer Ernest Hemingway was said to have a tremendous appetite for rum. Many myths of his drinking preferences exist, but it is relatively held to be true that he drank copious amounts of alcohol and avoided anything sweet. The Papa Doble, a daiquiri created for his preference at the El Floridita in Havana, Cuba, called for double the standard amount of rum with no sugar. As imagined, it is not palatable for most people, so bartenders added various ingredients to develop rum-based cocktails in his honor that would also be tasty to bar patrons. The Hemingway Daiquiri incorporated grapefruit, for us we incorporated cannabis and variations of this quickly became a favorite. Here is our tribute, served in shot glass and over ice with a home grown botanical.

Bring Me Back – These days this is one of the cocktails to hold a stick to at a true cocktail bar. So, with a slight modification of our own: inspired by classic cocktail “Paper Plane”. Using 3 different amaro. Averna, one of the most classic Digestives combined with Aperol, a citrus modern Bitter. Amaro Braulio, an elegant herbal liqueur from the Alps. Elegantly finishing off the night or meal like a plane ready to take off anytime.

Call Me A Cab – A good vodka cocktail is not a light matter for the majority of the population; about 70% of us are fans of vodka, with slightly more women than men indulging in the tropical ingredient. We strive to be made this exemplary version of the favorite aperitivo cocktail by taking a gastronomic approach with only quality ingredients.

Alcohol and Cannabis: Combine with Caution

According to the American Addiction Centers (AAC) data on the chronic use of mixing cannabis products with alcohol is not well developed. That said, some common side effects of mixing cocktails and cannabis include decreased judgment and increased dehydration. Phuket High Kata advises everyone to indulge responsibly.

Vibes with a view

But that’s not all – Phuket High kata also delivers some of the most serene vibes on the island from our rooftop terrace. So come kick back, relax, and soak up the ambiance while taking in panoramic hilltop views.

Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking to elevate your experience or just looking for an ideal location to enjoy a delicious cocktail or coffee with a view, Phuket High Kata is the place to be. Come by, say hi, stay high.

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