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Bubble Hash in Phuket: How it’s Made and How to Enjoy it

I was a frustrated stoner. 

I ate corned beef and hash lots of times but never got high. 

(corny joke from yours truly)

The world can learn a thing or two from cannabis culture. Some guiding principles within the culture include a spirit of innovation and efficiency.  Let their imaginations wander, and cannabis enthusiasts will come up with some ingenious ways to maximize their resources.  

One of the stoniest examples of this is bubble hash. By the end of this article, you’ll know what bubble hash is, how it’s made, and why it’s so revered amongst cannabis connoisseurs. 

What is hash and how is it different from cannabis?

To understand hash, let’s first take a look at the structure of the cannabis plant, and how it’s been used and processed over millennia.

What is cannabis? 

Cannabis, weed, ganja, Mary Jane…the list of names goes on and on. For the sake of clarity, I’ll use the term ‘cannabis’ to refer to the dried flowers of a mature female cannabis plant. (We won’t go into specifics about strains or genetics in this article.)

What are trichomes?

You know those tiny, milky-white spheres coating mature cannabis flowers? Well those are trichomes, my friend! Trichomes contain the cannabinoids THC and CBD which produce the range of medicinal and psychoactive effects cannabis is revered for. Trichomes also contain the terpenes which help give each strain its unique flavors and aroma profiles. 

What is Kief?

 In its loose form, when separated from the cannabis plant matter, those dried loose trichomes are known as kief. 

Lots of top-shelf cannabis grinders contain a high micron mesh screen to capture kief as you grind up your favorite strain. Phuket High proudly carries Mascotte’s line of premium grinders and papers. 

What’s the difference between kief and hash? What is bubble hash? 

Under pressure! I can hear Freddy and David singing to me now. 

When loose kief particulate powder is gathered and pressed into a ball or brick, it becomes hash. Traditionally, hash was often made by pressing clumps of trichomes together by hand, known as ‘finger’ hash. Nowadays, the term hash is a more general term used to describe one of the methods of pressuring and refining kief powder from a plant’s trichomes.

What is bubble hash?  How is bubble hash made?

Side quote: “If it doesn’t bubble, it isn’t worth the trouble.”

As hash production methods improved, it became easier for discerning connoisseurs to distinguish between higher and lower grade product. Named for its tendency to bubble when exposed to high heat, “bubble” hash became legendary for its potency and purity. 

How is bubble hash made?

Coming up in the weed game, I always assumed your stash was like a Gremlin: you never want to get it wet. 

Turns out, getting cannabis trim wet in a process known as Ice Water Extraction, has proven an efficient way of separating the heavier trichomes glands which sink, from the lighter plant components that float in water. 

Compared to dry sifting methods, bubble hash is the result of sifting cannabis trim through a series of increasingly fine mesh bags and vigorously stirring for several minutes while submerged in icy-cold water. The stirring helps separate trichomes from the plant’s surface, while cold water keeps the resin hard and easier to work with. The end product is purified and pungent, with the consistency of modeling clay.

Traditional Hash Curing vs. Slow Curing 

Traditionally, clumps of hand-pressed ‘finger hash’ were often laid out in the sun to cure until dry. Modern hash enthusiasts tend to take the slower approach, curing their hash over a period of 7-10 days before it’s fit for consumption. 

Bubble Hash Production and Curing Tips

  • Wear gloves throughout and keep all surfaces clean/sterile
  • Slowly heat the resin while folding it inside out,  letting the inner contents come to the surface for some fresh air.
  • Do this process daily while squeezing the resin puck in saran wrap

Total curing takes 7-10 days

How Much Cannabis Trim Does it Take to Make Bubble Hash?

It requires roughly 20 pounds of trim to produce 1 pound of product 

The three grades of bubble hash: 

A (stickiest, highest oil content) smoked unmodified

B (midgrade) pressing rosin

C (still sticky, just less oil) great for edibles

How is bubble hash commonly used? How to Smoke Bubble Hash

Oh, my bad. Did I burst your bubble? The various grades of bubble hash can be used in a number of ways: from smoking unmodified and pressed into rosin for higher grades, to being infused with your favorite cuisine. 

How to Smoke Bubble Hash 

Due to its potency and intense flavor profile, grade A bubble hash is commonly used to spice up a joint, pipe or bong bowl. Be sure to add a screen to your bowl to help keep your bubble hash in place as it melts. 

Cooking with Bubble Hash

Still sticky and potent but with a bit less oil and terpene profile, grade C bubble hash is ideal for edibles and cooking.  Food grade bubble hash is generally infused into a vegetable/animal butter or oil then used in a myriad of food recipes. 

Speaking of cannabis infusions, Phuket High carries an extensive line of high-powered edibles and drinks including brownies, gummies, and teas. 

Reviews of bubble hash from staff 

Brian: “Bubble hash is the cherry on top of my cake. It makes a festive occasion just a little bit better. I think bubble hash is one of the best ways to really experience all the flavor and essence of a cannabis strain. I like to add a slice of bubble hash to a bowl of my favorite sativa during the day or indica in the evening. If you ask me, anytime is the right time for bubble hash!”

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