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Phuket Cannabis Association: Activating the Community with Knowledge and Awareness

In recent years, the global cannabis industry has experienced a significant shift, with more countries recognizing its potential and embracing its benefits. Thailand, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, has also embarked on this journey by legalizing cannabis a year ago today (June 9th 2022). A major push and source of inspiration in this newly emerging industry is the Phuket Cannabis Association. With a mission to create an inclusive and uplifting cannabis industry, this association aims to set the standard for global cannabis communities while inspiring others to follow suit. In this blog, we will explore how knowledge and awareness can activate the cannabis community in Thailand, focusing on the Phuket Cannabis Association and its initiatives.

Setting the Standard for a Global Industry

The cannabis industry holds immense potential not only for economic growth but also for promoting wellness and alternative medicine. By fostering a community that prioritizes inclusivity, education, and responsible practices, Thailand can set an example for the global cannabis industry. The efforts of the Phuket Cannabis Association in connecting businesses and enthusiasts on the island play a vital role in driving this mission forward.

The Phuket Cannabis Association’s Role in Driving Change

The Phuket Cannabis Association serves as a hub for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike, encouraging their involvement in the cannabis trade. Through their extensive network and expertise, they help members navigate various obstacles and negotiate agreements with third parties and government agencies, ensuring mutual benefits for all stakeholders. By providing support and assistance in marijuana cultivation and trade, the association facilitates the growth of a thriving industry.

Uplifting Everyone through Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is a powerful tool that can empower individuals and uplift communities. The Phuket Cannabis Association recognizes this and actively promotes educational initiatives within the cannabis industry. By organizing activities, seminars, and trade shows, they create opportunities for knowledge exchange and skill development. This commitment to knowledge sharing ensures that industry participants stay informed about the latest advancements, best practices, and regulatory updates.

Objectives of the Phuket Cannabis Association

Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Support

The association encourages entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in the cannabis trade while providing support to resolve challenges. By fostering a collective approach, they promote collaboration and cooperation among members, leading to a stronger and more cohesive industry.

Promoting Research and Academic Knowledge

The Phuket Cannabis Association emphasizes the importance of research and academic knowledge in cannabis cultivation. They facilitate research studies for Thai and local growers and encourage the exchange of opinions and dissemination of knowledge. By doing so, they contribute to the development of a well-informed and progressive cannabis community.

Organizing Events and Promoting Development

PR events, seminars, and trade fairs organized by the association serve as platforms for industry members and interested parties to network, showcase their products, and stay updated on industry trends. These events foster growth, innovation, and collaboration within the cannabis industry in Phuket.

Training Traditional Medicine Practitioners

Recognizing the potential of cannabis in traditional medicine, the association provides training and development opportunities for Thai traditional medicine practitioners. By raising the knowledge and skills of these practitioners to international standards, they contribute to the integration of cannabis-based therapies in healthcare.

Establishing Phuket as a Center for Quality Cannabis

The association supports and promotes Phuket as a center for quality cannabis products. By assisting manufacturers and distributors in improving their production processes to meet international standards, they position Phuket as a hub for high-quality cannabis trade.


The Phuket Cannabis Association plays a vital role in activating the cannabis community in Thailand through knowledge sharing, industry development, and collaboration. Their initiatives set a high standard for the global cannabis industry, inspiring others to prioritize inclusivity, education, and responsible practices. By embracing the potential of cannabis and nurturing a thriving industry, Thailand can pave the way for a more inclusive and uplifting future for all.

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