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Ducky Cutz: Buds at the Barbershop in Phuket

Calling all cannabis enthusiasts: Imagine a barber shop where you can get faded before you get your hair faded. Look no further than Ducky Kush, where in collaboration with Ducky Cutz and Phuket High, you can not only get a fresh haircut but also pick up some premium Thai cannabis all in one stop. 

We sat down with Co-Owner and Founder Ella to discuss how Ducky Cutz got started, and her thoughts on Thailand’s cannabis industry.

When did you start Ducky Kush and what’s your connection to cannabis?

It all began with Ducky Cutz, and we’ve been here (in Phuket Town) for seven years. Cannabis has always been in the lifestyle, so when it got legalized, we just tried it at first. We realized there’s so many strains, and that there’s good buds here in Thailand. Things just grew little by little because we have kids and teens, so we separated from the barber shop. 

What was the initial public response to cannabis law changes?

At first, for parents with children or teenagers, there were a lot of questions. They were surprised a little bit but we explained we check ID so young people we don’t sell to. There should be more videos and information to teach the Thai people and local people about cannabis, especially the old people. Or come to ask us. There’s a lot of old Thai’s that come to us, and so we inform them in case there’s no one to inform them. And they look happy. When they get the information, they feel relaxed. 

What have been some of the changes you’ve seen since cannabis legalization?

It’s been very positive. At first there were some negative comments from adults and old people. They weren’t sure if it was really legalized, even Thai people. Step by step, when they see a lot of shops, they start to understand. And a lot of people only come to Thailand for cannabis

What is the connection between barber shops and cannabis culture?

For adults, a lot of our older and regular customers already smoke, so it was a natural connection. Sometimes when there’s a lot of people waiting, our customers just smoke a joint while waiting for the que. 

Considering that you’re located in Phuket Town, how have tourists reacted to the emergence of the Thai cannabis industry?

A lot of customers drive by on the airport shuttle bus, and it starts around here. They see our shop and they stop. They just came from the airport like “okay, I just want cannabis right now, yeah, yeah.” So they tell us they want to be here just for the cannabis.  

In your opinion, how has the emergence of the Thai cannabis industry compared to other countries?

We met American people, and they told us it took them around 10 years to build the cannabis industry. To have the branding, and stuff like that. And here in Thailand, it’s been like, not even one year, and there’s already so many brands, so many farms. It’s very, very fast, so I think it’s only good for the economy and tourism here. 

Have you had any positive or negative experiences with customers or the general public due to cannabis?

For me, it’s only been positive. Because we have a lot of customers, like boxers or handicapped, or depression. Sometimes their parents come for their teenagers. We’re happy when a dad comes to us and says “yeah, my daughter cannot use one leg. And she needs cannabis, but she’s here on a holiday.” So yeah, it makes us happy if we can help a bit. 

Do you have any suggestions for cannabis customers in Thailand?

Customers also have to keep it safe so the people can see it’s okay to smoke. It’s not like a drug or something. But if people out on the street start smoking bongs everywhere and make a mess, then it’s gonna go from positive to negative.

Do you have any suggestions for cannabis policy in Thailand?

I think all the shops should be in covered buildings that are separate from the street with a door. Not outdoors. 
All shops must check IDs. Don’t sell cannabis products to anyone underage or pregnant.
Smoking areas should be allowed, but only in areas separate from minors and expectant mothers, and away from temples, schools, hospitals, and other unsuitable areas.


It’s no secret that cannabis culture is on the rise here in Thailand, and barber shops are playing a big role in this movement. By offering premium Thai-grown cannabis alongside fresh haircuts, barbers like Ella are tapping into a lucrative market of customers who want to look and feel their best. And the best part? This connection between barber shops and cannabis culture is good for the local economy, bringing in more tourists and creating jobs for locals. So if you’re looking to support small businesses and get faded in the process, head to Ducky Cutz and Ducky Kush to experience the magic for yourself!

How can people learn more about Ducky Cutz?

We currently have five locations around Phuket. You can also check us out on Facebook at @DuckyCutz

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