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Cannabox: Delivering Cannabis Across Thailand

Phuket High, Thailand’s premier cannabis lifestyle brand and dispensary, is proud to announce it’s participating in the beta testing for Cannabox, Thailand’s first seamless cannabis delivery app!

Thailand’s Cannabis Problem

Thailand’s current online cannabis market is black-run by unlicensed players. The government doesn’t have an effective system in place to track and monetize it. Unlicensed sellers are diluting the market with unregulated products lacking any quality assurance or proper documentation.

The Cannabox Solution

Cannabox is positioned to become Thailand’s first cannabis delivery app and track & trace hub for the government with a seamless experience.

So, What is Cannabox?

The Cannabox mobile app is the brainchild of a team of Thailand cannabis software solutions providers who are expanding into delivery services, cannabis education and current events analysis. Cannabox is Thailand’s first weed delivery marketplace.

Everyone on the core Cannabox team is passionate about Thai cannabis and keeping legal reforms in place in Thailand. They are driven to ensure continued easy access to preferred medications via the most advanced dispensary-to-consumer delivery software in Asia.
Cannabox wants to influence the government in terms of track & traceability and create extra value for groups of people (practitioners) who deserve to get their part from the green revolution. By providing all aspects of telemedicine, Cannabox aims to:

The Cannabox Mission Statement

Remove service friction for all participants in the cannabis industry by providing a convenient and intuitive technology hub and marketplace that builds trust, ensures quality, and prioritizes sustainability.

Cannabox: Sharing Ideas and Building Community

Cannabox’s information hub will be an indispensable tool for anyone seeking accurate, up-to-date information across the entire spectrum of Thai cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, you’ll have access to comprehensive insights on the latest trends, products, and events in the cannabis industry. Check out the Cannabox blog to read about the latest Cannabox unboxings, smoke shop product reviews, cannabis events, and lifestyle articles.

What Users Say

Feedback from customers and vendors on the beta testing of its mobile app suggest Cannabox will revolutionize Thailand’s burgeoning cannabis industry. 

“We have been very impressed with the development of the Cannabox Web App, it is the most advanced platform in Thailand for sure. And they’re leading by example as a tool for how to effectively defeat the black market.” 
– Korn, Phuket High’s CEO.

Where does Cannabox Deliver?

Currently delivering in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya, Cannabox plans to expand its reach to include suppliers and dispensaries nationwide. And with a selection of THC and CBD products from top-shelf Thai-based dispensaries and farmers like Phuket High, The High Supply Co., DANQ, The Old Weed Man, Local Boys, Chewy Dewey, CannaKacha, and Haus of High, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best selection, prices, and service available.

What Does Cannabox Deliver?

Cannabox delivers convenience through licensed stores and dispensaries. As company CEO Cenk Cetin puts it, “within Cannabox, we don’t sell weed, we sell time.”

Don’t want to lose time by running off to score some weed? Then check out the Cannabox weed delivery app. or stop by one of Phuket High’s dispensaries in Phuket or Koh Tao today. The world of cannabis delivery has never been so seamless and enjoyable. So sit back, relax, and experience Cannabox and Phuket High’s ultimate convenience and selection of top shelf, AAA+ sativas, indicas, hybrids, THC and CBD flowers and edibles all at the swipe of your fingertips. Quality and convenience…it’s what we do.

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