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A Joint Effort: Building Thailand’s Cannabis Community

Move over booze, powders, and pills, there’s a new social lubricant in town, and it goes by the name of cannabis! That’s right, party people – this magical herb has been bringing people together in the most unexpected ways, and I’m here to tell you about how Phuket High is building a stronger and more connected cannabis culture here in Thailand.  

Cannabis as a social activity

For most of us, using cannabis is a social activity. Whether you’re sharing a joint, munching some THC-infused edibles or passing around a bamboo bong, there’s something magical about the ritual of using cannabis together that creates a sense of camaraderie and connection. And here in Thailand, where we’re less than a year into legalization, there’s a real opportunity to build a tight-knit community of like-minded cannabis growers and consumers.

Using cannabis to make deeper connections

It’s not just about getting high together. Cannabis can also be a catalyst for deeper conversations and more meaningful connections. When people use cannabis together, they tend to let their guard down and open up in ways they might not otherwise. This inevitably leads to conversations about life, love, and all things inbetween, and can help forge deeper connections with family, friends, and colleagues.

Cannabis and networking

Let’s not overlook the business opportunities that cannabis brings to Thailand. Here at Phuket High, we’re more than just a neighborhood dispensary – we’re a community hub. We host events, workshops, and beautification projects that bring different facets of our community together and help them connect. Speaking about grassroots networking opportunities, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Phuket’s 1st Cannabis Cup

Come show your love for all-things Thai cannabis! Featuring a prize pool of a million baht, you know every contestant will bring their AAA+ game. Vendor booths galore! This is an awesome opportunity to do some serious networking while indulging in a selection of the best THC and CBD products Thailand has to offer.

        Where: Pamookoo Resort 70/1 Kata Beach Kata, Phuket 83100
        When: Saturday March 25th starting at 10:30am – 5:00pm
        Cost: 650 baht per person in advance, and 850 per person at the door
        Ticket purchase includes: 

  • Unlimited free drinks from 14:00 – 17:00
  • Snacks from the hotel
  • Win lucky draw tickets from booths and VIP booths
  • Watch a mini-concert by Sriracha Rocker
  • After party with DJ Chris Yaw
  • Join to watch the judging of the cannabis flower competition
  • Gift voucher worth 100 baht ( minimum purchase 300 baht per voucher)

Check out more information on the Phuket Cannabis Cup

Local artist and events

From live performances by local performing arts and music groups to mom-and-pop pop-ups selling their cannabis wares, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to create a sense of connection. And as Thailand’s cannabis industry grows, there will be even more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get involved and build meaningful connections within the community. Speaking about using cannabis to connect with the community, here’s some more can’t-miss events coming up in March and early April. Check them out!

Hogs on the Hill

Phuket High Kata is revving up for what is sure to be a badass monthly gathering of local motorcycle and cannabis enthusiasts called Hogs on the Hill. Trek up to the top of Kata hill and join in as Phuket motorcycle enthusiasts fly their flags. Here’s the scoop on this free event:

    When: Wednesday, March 8th from sunset ‘til late
    Where: Phuket High Kata and Sweet Eye Shop 
    What’s happening:

  • Gathering of Phuket motorcycle club members and enthusiasts
  • Demonstrations on basic motorcycle maintenance
  • Food trucks from Kata beach
  • Contests and chances to win prizes
  • Music, drinks, smoke, and vibes
  • Promotions on select Phuket High products all night long

Phuket High & OG Bunker Grand Opening

When: Sunday April 2nd
Where: Phuket High Rawai / Nai Harn
For more information, stay tuned to our social media and website!

Thailand’s canna-tourism

Phuket High is stoked to play a significant role in making Thailand a top global cannabis tourist destination. With our premium products and dedication to celebrating local culture, we believe that Phuket will soon become a must-visit destination for cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. By collaborating with other canna-businesses around the country, we’re building a strong network of growers, dispensaries, and consumers that will solidify Thailand as a top cannabis hotspot. 

Phuket High and Ducky Kush

One such collaboration is with well-established and respected chain of Phuket barbershops, Ducky Cutz, who’ve ventured into Ducky Kush, offering a private smoking area and separate cannabis dispensary as an extension to their hair-styling services.

According to Ducky Cutz owner and founder Ella, transitioning into offering cannabis products in tandem with the barbershop just made sense, as many of her longtime customers already use cannabis, and that cannabis has long been a part of barbershop culture. 

Ella says it isn’t just locals partaking in ganja; visiting tourists are eager to purchase Thailand’s world-class cannabis products too. “A lot of customers drive by on the airport shuttle bus, and it starts around here. They see our shop and they stop. They just came from the airport like, ‘okay, I just want cannabis right now, yeah, yeah.’ So they tell us they want to be here just for the cannabis.”  

Removing cannabis stigmas

Beyond its personal and economic benefits, cannabis can also help break down barriers and create a more inclusive society. By legalizing cannabis and creating a safe, welcoming space for adults to partake, we can help break down the stigmas of cannabis use and create a more accepting and understanding culture. And that, in turn, can lead to greater fellowship and connection with the broader community.

Here at Phuket High, we’re passionate about using cannabis to create a sense of community and fellowship. By celebrating local flavors, supporting mom-and-pop growers, hosting performing arts events, and contributing to the growth of canna-tourism, we are building a stronger, more connected community throughout Thailand. 

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