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Phuket’s 3 Most Instagrammable Dispensaries

If you’re an aficionado of both Instagram aesthetics and high-quality cannabis, Phuket is your paradise. With Thailand’s recent softening of its cannabis laws, dispensaries in Phuket have transformed into elegant hubs for tourists and locals alike, integrating Thai culture, arts, and modern luxury. Let’s explore four standout dispensaries which are as photogenic as they are top-notch in their offerings.


Centrally located, Ducky Kush stands as one of the leading weed retailers in Phuket. Their chic and modern design is complemented by an open and welcoming atmosphere. With a variety of strains, you’re guaranteed to find something for your taste. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a newbie, their knowledgeable staff will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have the best experience.

But DUCKY KUSH isn’t just a place to buy cannabis – it’s an experience. Their smoking lounge is a relaxed sanctuary for you to enjoy your purchase. And if you’re planning to get some work done or share your experience on Instagram, their fast Wi-Fi has you covered. A quick scroll through Google reviews showcases their impeccable reputation with phrases like “good environment,” “lovely and very friendly staff,” and “best day of the week.”


For those who have a penchant for the arts, PUFF PUFF offers an extraordinary experience. This dispensary’s artistic ethos is seen in its vibrant colors, stunning art installations, and the small gallery. Their integration of music with chart-topping beats spun by the renowned DJ Baby Yu adds to the vibrant atmosphere. It’s no wonder Thaiger News describes it as “an artful cannabis dispensary taking Phuket by storm.”

Bolt Ronpirin, the founder of PUFF PUFF, captures its essence by noting their goal to showcase “the positive influences on legalization,” and to intertwine “art, music, fashion, and fitness” with Thai culture. It’s a memorable place where you can enjoy high-quality cannabis amidst inspiring art.

3. Phuket High

Phuket High is not just a dispensary; it’s a tribute to the local culture. With five prime locations across the island, they ensure that both locals and tourists have easy access to premium, locally-sourced cannabis products. Korn, the Co-Founder, emphasizes their mission to support the local community, stating that cannabis “will feed many Thai families.”

Their emphasis on community and culture is evident in their sourcing, partnering with local farms like Phuket Original to provide authentic Thai strains. Their spaces are designed as social hubs, welcoming everyone to relax, chat, and enjoy the best of Thai cannabis.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for an art-infused cannabis experience, a local flavor, or just a scenic spot to relax and smoke, Phuket’s dispensaries have something for everyone. These spaces not only offer high-quality products but are also keenly focused on creating memorable experiences for their visitors, making them a must-visit for anyone traveling to Phuket. So, next time you’re in the region, don’t forget to stop by, light up, and of course, snap a few photos for the ‘gram! Safe travels and happy smoking!

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