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What’s a Cannabis Joint?

With countless ways to consume your cannabis, rolling up flower remains one of the most popular methods of consumption. 

The classic cannabis joint has proven great for solo smoking sessions or when puffing with friends. They’re easy to bring with you, don’t require a pipe, and tend to quickly bring on the effects of your cannabis. 

Smokers have the ease of purchasing pre-rolled joints from their local dispensaries and seasoned tokers spend years perfecting the perfect roll by combining their favorite flower and rolling papers.

What’s a Joint?

A joint at its core is cannabis that’s been rolled inside of a rolling paper. They can be lit with a match or lighter and the ember stays lit allowing you to have a full smoke session without having to keep grabbing your lighter. 

You can find dozens of different types of joints ranging from a classic roll to a caviar joint that’s been dipped in cannabis concentrates. Adding concentrates to your joints provides an elevated high by adding concentrated THC in addition to your flower. You can add shatter, wax, live resin, or dip your joints in hash oil and roll them in kief. Consuming your cannabis concentrates directly in your joints is a cost effective way to enjoy concentrates without the need of intricate dab rigs and vaporizers. It allows you to smoke less and get a stronger high.

Types of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are available in all sizes but are commonly 1 ¼” and 1 ½” wide. They come in a variety of lengths giving you the option for small personal joints or larger king-sized rolls to pass in group settings. 

Rolling papers are made of a variety of materials ranging from hemp to rice paper. You can also find papers with flavor infusions like strawberry, mango, and grape.

Today, hemp papers have become the most prevalent material for joint smokers. They have a very subtle taste and it’s easy for manufacturers to make hemp papers that are organic and natural. Hemp rolling papers are typically made of dried pulp from mashed up cannabis leaves.

If you need a place to start, OCB offers a full product line of rolling papers that are all made with all natural materials, giving you an organic smoke, every time. 

Crutches and Filter Tips

Cannabis joints commonly have a paper filter or crutch at the mouth’s end. This provides a smoother and cooler smoke and allows you to smoke the entire joint without burning your fingers.

Filter tips can be found bundled with rolling papers or as stand-alone packs of tips that are already rolled. You can also purchase glass crutches that are reusable if you’re looking for something more sturdy. Unlike filter tips found in tobacco product, filter tips designed for cannabis are hollow, providing more air flow for you to get all the goodness from your joint. Filter tips are often made of paper or hemp and come in different sizes. When you roll your own filter tips, you can roll it tight for a smaller joint, or made it wider for larger joints. 

Pre-rolled Joints

If you are looking to experience a joint for the first time or simply want something convenient, try grabbing a pre-rolled joint at your local dispensary. These are joints that are already rolled and ready to smoke. You can find pre-rolls in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, as well as several size and weight varieties.

Most dispensaries offer several types of pre-rolls, so make sure to ask your bud-tender about what’s on the menu. If you don’t know where to start, try finding a strain with a terpene profile that seems best for your needs. 


The iconic cannabis joint remains a staple in smoking culture. Joints are an affordable, efficient, and enjoyable way to consume your flower. It’s as easy as buying some cannabis and rolling papers. With so many varieties of rolling papers, filter tips, and cannabis strains, you’ll enjoy the ritual of your joint rolling. Joints have been with us since the beginning of cannabis consumption and continue to prove their legendary status; they have never let us down. 

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