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What are Cannabis Edibles?

Edible cannabis is a popular alternative to smoking, providing a more discreet method of consumption with more potent effects. The effects of edibles take longer to kick-in, and often last much longer than when smoking. For the uninitiated, we recommend you start with a low dosage between 5-10mg, and wait 90-120 minutes before deciding to eat more. The following blog provides more information on marijuana edibles, coming from Phuket Thailand’s premiere cannabis dispensary. 

Now that cannabis is legal in Thailand, edibles are quickly gaining popularity. There are a lot of recreational and medicinal benefits to consuming CBD and THC edibles, and a range of options are available. Weed edibles are a great alternative to smoking because of all the tasty and simple options. From sweet baked goods and beverages to savory snacks, cannabis infused food is a versatile way to get high. 

Smoking vs. Cannabis Edibles

When smoking cannabis, the THC enters your bloodstream through the lungs before quickly making its way to your brain. This process only takes a few minutes, at which point the psychoactive effects can be felt. 

When consuming cannabis edibles, the cannabinoids start in the stomach and move into the liver before entering the bloodstream and ultimately the brain. The amount of time between consuming cannabis and feeling its effects can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This often results in longer lasting effects when compared to smoking. 

The Difference Between CBD & THC Edibles

If you don’t already know the difference between CBD and THC, take a look at our blogs and deepen your understanding! The quick answer is that THC is the cannabinoid that provides the psychoactive “high” that smokers love. CBD on the other hand does not provide the same intoxicating effects, but offers a variety of other benefits. If you know the effects you’re looking for, then work backward from there. Always be sure to check the dosage before consuming THC or CBD edibles. 

How Cannabis Edibles are Made

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat-soluble, meaning they must bind to fats for your body to process them. This makes oils and butter the best way to extract cannabinoids from the plant and turn them into tasty foods. Marijuana flower is heated in the oil or butter, causing the cannabinoids to diffuse and dissolve, a slow process that takes several hours. 

The oil or butter that results from this process can be used in countless edible recipes. People get creative making grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, or anything that can be cooked with butter. There is no limit to cannabis creativity, but these are the edibles you’ll commonly find at a cannabis dispensary in Thailand…

Baked Goods: Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins OH MY!!! There are so many delicious ways to get baked. 

Gummies: These fruity chewy snacks have become a go-to way to consume cannabis. THC edibles are very popular, but gummies are the most common CBD edible. 

Drinks: CBD drinks are a hit in Thailand. Many companies have already begun bottling up refreshing cannabis infused drinks.

Honey: Canna-honey is a great way to consume THC or CBD because it can be used as a topping on a meal or a sweetener in a drink. 

Alcohol: A rare treat for many, Infused vodka and whiskey brings the best of both worlds.

Ice Cream: Nothing can beat some cannabis ice cream on a sunny day in Phuket. 

Now you can see almost anything can be turned into a cannabis edible!

How to Use Cannabis Edibles

It’s important to understand a few key facts around cannabis edibles before consuming them. The effects of edibles take much longer to kick in compared to smoking. It’s difficult to gauge the dose of an edible if it is homemade, so each batch can be different. It’s also easy to mistake an edible for a normal piece of food, so be careful when storing and labeling your edibles at home. 

We’d recommend first-time edible users to purchase them from a reputable dispensary, who can inform you of specific dosages. Usually gummies are great because they are smaller doses clearly divided into pieces. Avoid eating edibles on an empty stomach, and consider eating a high-fat meal before the edible to boost your body’s absorption of the cannabinoids. 

Remember to be patient and wait 60-90 minutes before increasing your dose.

Where to Buy Edibles in Thailand

Phuket High carries a range of THC and CBD edibles. Our team will help advise you on options and dosage. Stop by one of our locations for cookies, brownies, chocolates, gummies, drinks, ice creams and more!

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