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History of the Cannabis Cup

The first Phuket cannabis cup just ended and it was an event we would love to always remember. For the first time ever, we could see cannabis connoisseurs gather to select the best of the best in Thailand’s cannabis industry. It’s quite interesting to see cannabis companies come together to discuss important issues in the cannabis industry and how to improve them.  

The Phuket cannabis cup featured several levels of competitions, product displays, and cannabis discussions. It recorded over 1000 people in attendance with several companies actively participating in the event.  

The Cannabis cup is always a big deal as far as the industry is concerned. Note that it was not always like this, and we should be grateful for the guts of people who came before us. People who took the risk to have a cannabis cup even when they knew they may get arrested for doing so. This is why the cannabis cup is a big deal. 

Seeing the cannabis cup held in a place like Thailand is indeed an indication that a lot has happened over the years, and it is important that we celebrate how far we have come as an industry. 

Competitions and cannabis gatherings like the cannabis cup have played a significant role in sharing information about the cannabis plant and celebrating its uniqueness. Over the years, we have seen how information about the cannabis plant has grown from identifying just three species (Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis), to 5 chemovars and several strains. At the time of writing this article, over 6200 cannabis strains have been identified and still counting. These strains and chemovars feature several unique characteristics that are worth celebrating and this was why the cannabis cup was birthed. 

New to the cannabis cup? Well, think of it as an Olympics strictly organized for cannabis companies. Before we discuss the Phuket cannabis cup, let’s take a trip down memory lane to learn how it all started. 

How the Cannabis cup started

The cannabis cup that has spread like wildfire to every nook and cranny of the world where cannabis is legal started in 1988 in Amsterdam. It was first organized by Steven Hager, a former editor at High Times, a popular and recognized cannabis magazine. 

At that time, Amsterdam, Netherlands, was one of the most respected hubs for cannabis lovers. It was a place where cannabis users could openly enjoy the benefits of the plant without being judged or condemned. Steven saw the need to gather the few cannabis growers and experts available to share their experience on the best cannabis plant or strain they have tasted. As expected, the first cup witnessed a few entries, but it was worth it as it sets a precedent for other cannabis cups globally.  

Since then, the event has become one of the biggest gatherings of cannabis experts and industry investors. Participating and winning in the cannabis cup is a big deal as past winners have experienced an increase in sales and global recognition. 

Highlights of the Phuket Cannabis Cup

Thailand is known for its herbal medicine, bodywork practices, and spiritual healing so the potential therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant are not new to them. 

Before the official legalization of cannabis in Thailand, the country had a rich history of using cannabis for several disease conditions and non-pharmaceutical uses. With the Phuket cannabis cup, cannabis experts, investors, and companies came together to interact on how best to move the industry forward.  
The Phuket cannabis cup featured several awards and recognitions to the best cannabis companies and products. About 50 companies and individuals actively participated in several categories, including but not limited to; 

  • Best Greenhouse – MJB Farm – Strain: Mango Sticky Rice
  • Best Indoor Sativa – Candy Termtemz – Strain: Apple Jelly
  • Best Indoor Indica – PB Biomed – Strain: Biscotti Mints
  • Best Indoor Hybrid – Wonderfarm – Strain: Dream Factory
  • Miss Cannabis – Noey – Phuket High

Other event highlights include the fastest joint rolling competition which was won by Ativat. Ativat rolled 1 gram of weed in 43 seconds.  
The Phuket cannabis was not only centered on competition as the industry went all out to have engaging panel discussions on cannabis laws, legalization, and use. 

The Phuket cannabis cup was judged by eight weed veterans who have made a huge mark in the cannabis industry. They include Highland founder Rattapon “Guide” Sanrak, Royal Queen seed’s Lex de Groot, and Aram “Uncle Dam” Limsakul. Aram has been nicknamed the father of medical weed for decades thanks to his long years of advocacy work. 

What is the purpose of the Phuket cannabis cup?

Cannabis cups are organized to create an avenue where cannabis growers, investors, and companies will come together to share ideas on how to expand the cannabis industry, get exposed to the latest technologies in the cannabis industry, and identify the best products in certain categories. The purpose of the Phuket cannabis cup is not far from this. It will allow Thailand cannabis associations and communities to come together and jointly develop quality and safety standards for consumers.  

Cannabis quality and safety standards for customers is a major challenge in the cannabis industry. While most people are interested in the potential of the plant, they have little to no knowledge about cannabis quality and safety standards. Note that these standards vary from region to region and it is important that people get educated on what is obtainable in Thailand. Addressing the issue of cannabis quality and safety will set a standard for the Thailand cannabis industry and will give consumers and producers a general overview of what is required of them and how to achieve it. 


The Phuket cannabis cup was one of a kind. It provided a good networking avenue and learning opportunity for people who are interested in the fast-growing cannabis market in Thailand. We were honored to partake in the festivities and celebrate this momentus occassion for cannabis Thailand and SE Asia. 

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