Cannabis 101

Get to Know the Cannabis Plant

Well now’s the time to roll up a joint, sit back, and learn more about this magnificent plant….

Cannabis is known by dozens of names around the world, including marijuana, ganja, weed and pot. The scientific name is Cannabis, and its the name for a group of plants that include Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The flowers of these plants are harvested and cured to create the psychoactive substance that many of us love.

Communities around the world have grown and cultivated Cannabis for many uses, including recreational, medical, industrial, and spiritual. New studies published in the journal Science Advances propose that the Cannabis sativa plant was first domesticated in East Asia 12,000 years ago.

The term hemp is also applied to cannabis, but this refers to varieties of the plant that are non cultivated for drug-use. Hemp has been used for medical and industrial purposes for years, as it is the world’s primary source of CBD, and an abundant source of fiber.

But let’s stick to the fun stuff…good ol’ psychoactive cannabis

AnchorRecreational Cannabis Use

One of the most popular substances around the world, cannabis is listed among alcohol, caffeine and tobacco as a widely used drug. The primary psychoactive effects of the plant are relaxation and euphoria, followed closely by introspection and creative thinking. For some cannabis users, effects can border into the uncomfortable with anxiety and paranoia. However, with the right amount and the right strain, cannabis provides a little something good for everyone.

The cannabis “high” is quick to disappear, commonly only lasting 3-4 hours when smoking or vaping. Eating cannabis provides different effects altogether, providing a deeper and longer body high that can be felt for up to day or two after consumption depending on the dosage and user’s tolerance.  Beyond smoking, vaping and eating cannabis, some consumers partake in extracts such as hash oil or hashish, which are susceptible to adulterants if not regulated properly.

AnchorMedical Cannabis Use

The cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant possess many benefits that are explored with medical use. Cannabis has shown strong results for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients who suffer from nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. There is also research being conducted on the benefits it has for chronic pain and muscle spasms, which is particularly effective for Epilepsy, MS, PTSD, and beyond. While studies are still being conducted for patients with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, some early results demonstrate positive outcomes for a number of people.

AnchorIndustrial Cannabis Use

Tens of thousands of commercial products utilize cannabis (hemp) due to its natural characteristics. The fact that hemp is stronger and has more longevity than cotton makes it the perfect replacement for paper, cordage, textiles, and construction materials. In fact, the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper and archeological evidence of its use can be traced back to 10,000 BC in Northern China where it was used for rope.

Modern applications of hemp for industrial purposes have included foods, cosmetics, detergents, tech-textiles, composites, biofuel and more. These uses are still being developed and explored, with a fair amount of early success for many businesses.

Cannabis is a powerful, multi-purpose plant that provides massive amounts of value throughout its uses. As Thailand and other countries continue to ease restrictions on cannabis, much more information will be acquired through research studies and further adoption.

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