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In September 2022, Phuket High proudly opened its doors at the bustling Rawai Seafood Market, a prime location nestled among the vibrant sights and sounds of Rawai. This location is uniquely positioned right at the heart of the seafood market, making it a perfect spot for those looking to combine their seafood shopping with high-quality cannabis. Surrounded by the lively market atmosphere, our Rawai store offers a truly immersive Phuket experience, with easy access to fresh seafood, local eateries, and stunning seaside views.

  • How to order: Online or in person
  • Opening hours: 10 am - 10 pm
  • Languages spoken: Thai, English
  • Payment options: Cash, QR, Credit Card
  • Cheapest strain: ฿99
  • Most expensive strain: ฿900
  • Signature bud: Falcon Heavy

The store is not only strategically placed for convenience but also embodies the essence of the local culture. Decorated with motifs that reflect the marine environment, Phuket High at Rawai creates a casual, welcoming atmosphere that resonates with both locals and tourists. The compact yet efficiently designed space ensures a quick and pleasant shopping experience, perfect for those looking to grab quality cannabis before or after enjoying the market’s offerings.

Visit Phuket High at the Rawai Seafood Market for a quick and convenient way to access premium cannabis products while enjoying the bustling atmosphere of one of Phuket’s most famous markets. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, Phuket High Rawai integrates seamlessly into your market day plans, adding a touch of relaxation and luxury to your seafood shopping adventure.

Rawai Seafood Market
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01:25 20 Oct 23
jacky wjacky w
21:25 19 Oct 23
While the rich wine and meat smell, the road with frozen bone.
Elbo GlassElbo Glass
14:51 19 Oct 23
Insane experience. Everything was so fresh and we had mook manee cook everything. This was the top meal of my trip!
Charles ReedCharles Reed
14:33 18 Oct 23
So far so good! Have not had a chance tobpartakebof the product yet, but they are auper cool and want a review.The store is a nice little place on the Rawai seafood market strip. Unlike ither cannabis shops in Phuket, or even BKK, they offer a GREAT selection of non-flowers, such as conecentrates (hash and kief). And i did not purchase any flower, but their pricea are actually NORMAL! And not over inflated for the big touron places.500 BHT or less per gram??? Yes, please!!!
Alice AbAlice Ab
00:25 15 Oct 23
What an incredible experience, we had our food cooked at Khun Mai Seafood! I can’t describe the flavours but they were unforgettable. The yellow crab curry was my favourite!
Herb StarykonHerb Starykon
08:37 24 Aug 23
Don't know if there is a minimum size in Thailand for fish and seafood, cause a lot sold here is very small.Apart from that excellent choice and very fresh. Buy on one side then go across to a restaurant and get it cooked for you.
Y KhlkY Khlk
08:07 17 Aug 23
If you're looking for a place to eat fresh and very reasonably priced seafood, look no further. You can choose any type of seafood you like directly from the fishermen selling it by the sea and bring it to a local cafe (there're several to choose from) to cook it for a small fee. The cafes are right by the sea as well, so you'll eat with a stunning view as well. The parking access is a little confusing - you will need to drive between the stalls and cafes further down a small lane and you will find it at the end of it, a somewhat bumpy field, but convenient enough.
Kenneth KhorKenneth Khor
04:36 18 Jun 23
Very good place to eat fresh seafood!!! Buy your seafood and ask the restaurant to cook. They offered many cooking styles. The raw seafood cost around 2400 baht. The cooking fee charged by the restaurant was only 425baht. Highly recommended place for fresh seafood.
16:35 01 May 23
This is a great place to go shopping for Seafood.Make sure you have a Thai with you otherwise prices will be higher for Farang. 😊There is a good choice of different Seafood, like Shrimps, Lobsters and Crabs in different sizes and variates.Once you have picked everything, you can sit down in a restaurant and decide how you want the food prepared.Great fresh and reasonably priced, I will be sure to come here again.